Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Cost of Education

Here's a new idea: college textbooks for free. What's the catch? Advertising, of course. Freeload Press, a Minnesota-based startup, has developed an interesting idea. Make textbooks available in PDF form for students to download. The company makes its money by advertising placed within the PDF.

Reaction has been pretty good so far, though limited. Right now, Freeload Press's inventory is about 100 business and finance-related books. But they plan to expand.

Working at a public university, I know how much textbooks cost college students. And that's on top of already out-of-control tuition costs. My guess is that most students will put up with the advertising to avoid paying $100 or more per textbook.

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Dance Chica said...

Being that I am a student, this is good information. Thank you! :-)