Monday, September 25, 2006

I've Decided

I've decided -- that I really don't like RSS feeds. In the last few weeks, as I've been working on my own blog and reading lots of others, I've found several that I liked. And I enjoy checking in on a regular basis. (Most of them are listed in my blog roll.) So I thought I should do the correct Web 2.0 thing and I dutifully added all of my favorite blogs into my Google Reader. So whenever I go online, either at work or at home, all the updated posts are right there waiting for me.

But -- I don't like it. I lose all sense of who the bloggers are. Maybe I'd feel differently if I'd been reading the blogs for a long time. But how a blog looks contributes to the whole experience. I like seeing the fun lime green background on The Hobgoblin of Little Minds. Heather at A High and Hidden Place has tons of additional information and lists besides just her posts. And Kirsten at Nose in A Book has the coolest. avatar. ever.

So I think I'm going to skip my feeds for awhile. Clicking on a blog page and waiting for it to open to see if there's a new post is just like opening a new book for the first time. You never know what you're going to find!


Kirsten said...

Thanks for the nice comment :) I just added Heather's A High and Hidden Place to my list of favorite blogs. I know what you mean about the RSS feeds. Part of the reason I like reading other people's blogs are the design features they use, which you can't get from an RSS feed.

tiboutoo said...

i have finally gotten over the fact that bloglines strips all the pretty designs from the blogs i read. despite my 150+ feeds, i still can get the tone differences between them all. i like being able to read so many. that's an upside to feeds.