Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My family often makes fun of my constant re-organizing, but sometimes it just feels so good. I realized that it had been quite awhile since I had updated my blog roll. And it really wasn't a very good representation of what I'm actually reading or checking on every day. So now my blog roll more closely matches my Google Reader list. (I try to keep on top of Web stuff, but I'm not an expert. If someone can tell me how to have my feed reader also act as my blog roll, I'll be eternally grateful.)

But I can see it was hardly an original thought. The Hobgoblin had the same idea. He also noticed the number of people moving from Blogger to Wordpress. Something we don't know about?


Carl V. said...

Wordpress doesn't ever seem to have the hiccups that Blogger has.

Carl V. said...

Like these colors!

I Buy Books said...

Thanks for the comment on the colors. I thought maybe I was going a bit overboard. I know I need to keep the look fairly consistent, but the ability to change colors is so tempting. I was afraid this was a bit too schizophrenic.

Also -- I'm totally about to jinx myself -- I've had almost no problems with Blogger. I even moved to Blogger Beta very early on and everything's been okay. So far (she said, crossing her fingers).