Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Off Topic

Over the weekend, I finished the last few episodes of the HBO series Carnivale. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.

I came late to all the HBO series, as I only subscribe to basic cable. But I enjoyed both Sex and the City and The Sopranos thanks to Netflix. I think Rome will be next on the list. The advantage is, of course, that you can watch an entire season in just a few days.

Carnivale is something you rarely find on television today: highly literate, unpredictable, with excellent writing, directing, acting and camera work. The series takes place in the early 1930s and follows a travelling carnival. As the series unfolds, a timeless tale of good vs. evil is revealed. I really can't recommend it highly enough. I'm almost tempted to watch all 24 episodes all over again.

One caveat: For all of you who preferred "tidy endings" on the meme that was floating around the last couple of weeks, you won't get that with Carnivale. The series originally aired between 2003 and 2005. The storylines really aren't wrapped up and it appears that HBO has no plans to produce any new episodes. If you can handle that, you won't be disappointed watching this fascinating series.


danielle said...

Thanks for the viewing suggestions! I am always looking for good things to add to my Netflix queue!

tiboutoo said...

scott mallwitz was the one who turned me on to carnivale. it is, by far, my favorite of all the hbo tv series (with oz coming in a close second and then the wire). they don't make enough stories of good vs. evil like that.