Monday, March 26, 2007

Drum Roll, Please

Well, I've been MIA the last week because I've been working on my new blog. It seems like I get more comments about the T-shirts I post than anything else. So I've started a new blog called Chic Chemise. It's a roundup of cute, funny, interesting, thought-provoking T-shirts that I find on the Web. It's mostly for the girls, but for the guys, it might provide some gift ideas. Kirsty is not going to be happy with me; I'm going to make her spend more money!

I'll still be posting here about books. I finished The Good German last night, so I'll have a review of that coming up shortly.


Kirsten said...

Love your new blog :) I am always on the lookout for great t-shirts. I am sure I will be stopping by frequently!

I Buy Books said...

Oh, good -- at least I'll have one reader!

Kirsty said...

New blog looks great! I am going to have to get a second job now, though!