Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Reading Apparel

(And I got so sidetracked by the pretty clothes that I forgot to actuallly link to the sweatshirt. It's fixed now.)

Since I seem to be on a kick about clothing related to reading (or words -- see this and this) here's another addition for your closet.

Varsity Reading Club -- established 1455, in reference to the first printing of the Bible on Gutenberg's press.

Perfect for fall weather!


Keetha said...

I discovered your blog via LibraryThing (LOVE that) and this sweatshirt is the best. What a great idea!

Kirsty said...

Thanks for posting this--it will be the PERFECT Christmas gift for my father in law, who is a printer who collects old Bibles.

I Buy Books said...

Keetha and Kirsty -- has lots of great things for readers. I'm still coveting the Jane Austen doll!

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