Sunday, October 01, 2006

LibraryThing Catalog

I'm finished! I finally entered the last of my books into my LibraryThing catalog. A grand total of 632 books. I had a dozen or so that needed to be entered manually and I finally got tired of dusting around that pile. So they are finally all in. I've even figured out how to access my catalog from my mobile phone. That will be a big help the next time I'm buying books and can't remember what's in my library.


Kirsty said...

Well done! I'm at about 300 and I'm a little overwhelmed by the number I have left to catalog (less than that I think, but still!).

I Buy Books said...

Yeah, except now that I'm done, I'm kind of sad. Just another excuse to buy some more books so I can have something to catalog!

Lazy cow said...

Congratulations! I vowed I'd do 10 books a day and be finished in no time, but I've been stuck on under 200 books for months and there are a few hundred to go. Sigh.