Monday, October 30, 2006

Write a Novel, Write a Blog

I've heard about National Novel Writing Month before, and I'm awfully tempted to sign up. I think I have a few stories floating around in my head. I'd probably be much happier if I got them out of my head and onto paper. The idea is to write a complete 50,000-word novel between November 1 and 30. The web site is fun, and has lots of great features, including a forum -- so you can get some help if you get stuck in the middle of your story. There's no prize; just the satisfaction you'll get from writing a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.

November is also National Blog Posting Month. The idea here is to make a post every day in November. This seems a bit easier to me. But then again, I only made two posts in the first 23 days of this month, so what do I know?

I might try one, but I'm definitely not doing both at the same time!


Kirsten said...

I signed up for novel writing month also - we'll see if I stick to it :)

lguidarini said...

I had no idea about National Blog Posting Month! Thanks for that info. I was pretty good in October but fell off that wagon, too, partly because I spent three days in bed with bronchitis.

Luckily bronchitis was a complete gentleman.