Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Lure of Royals

I'm slightly ashamed to admit that my knowledge of American history is not what it should be. In fact, I needed to get myself to a library to find some books on the post-Civil War era for the little consulting project I mentioned the other day.

My knowledge of English royal history, however, is pretty good. I've always been fascinated by Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. And you can't beat Henry VIII for all kinds of juicy stories. Now Antonia Fraser is tempting me with French royalty. Her new book, Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King, sounds wonderful. This is definitely going on my list.


lguidarini said...

I have really vague knowledge of American history, but I do know my family was on the wrong side of the Civil War. If it's any consolation, they were on the right side of the Revolutionary War, so hopefully that balances me out.

I also share your love of Henry VIII and all things Tudor, and I also probably know more about the UK than the US. When I get a little time freed up I'll do my best to make myself feel really guilty about that, but right now I have a guilt back-up that should last me through 2007!

Amelia said...

I've been meaning to refresh my knowledge of American history...you just might be giving me the incentive to do so!

Your consulting project sounds pretty neat! I have a degree in Anthro and one of my goals was to work in a museum but in NYC it's not as easy to aquire a decent-paying position because of competition ***sigh***

I hope you post pictures of the finished project :)

I Buy Books said...

Iguidarini -- I think most Americans should know more about our own history. It just seems like so many other things crowd in!

Amelia -- We'll see how the project goes. My client has to be the winning bidder for the building, so keep your fingers crossed! We should know by the end of the month.