Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rest in Peace, RIP Challenge

I failed. And I hate admitting that. But I did not finish my last book for Carl V's RIP challenge. I'm about a quarter of the way through The Moonstone, and it has sort of migrated itself back to the "to be read" pile instead of what I'm actually reading.

Since I started doing some research on the Civil War for my little consulting project, I've become obsessed with it. I started out with a basic attempt to find out about life after the Civil War, and I've now gone totally overboard. I'm rewatching Ken Burns' The Civil War, which is utterly fascinating. If it's been awhile (I haven't seen it since it originally aired) or you've never seen it, make sure you do. It is brilliant.

And even though I don't really need to, I've now started David Blight's Race and Reunion: The Civil War in American Memory. It deals with how we have remembered and -- too often -- misremembered what happened during the Civil War and what it really means.

Finally, I've had yet another novel foisted upon me for my "to be read" pile -- Carson McCormac's No Country For Old Men. Sigh. I'll never catch up!


lguidarini said...

I fall off the challenge wagon so often have considered having bubblewrap applied to my posterior, to soften all the nasty falls.

'Tis better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all.

I think?!

Amelia said...

I didn't participate in the challenge because I scare easily! I don't think I would be able to handle 5 scary reads - maybe just one. The last one I read was More Than You Know, and the ending spooked me :-0

Sounds like you're going to be the go-to gal by the time you finish all your research on the Civil War! Lots of luck to you! :)