Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Also Buy Yarn

In addition to buying books, I also buy yarn. (And clothes. And makeup. And jewelry. I'm very girly.) Now, my stash is nothing compared to Kirsty's. Seriously, she buys the best. yarn. ever. Alpaca, silk, and all sorts of beautiful colors. My yarn purchases are still in the Jo-Ann's/Michael's arena. I console myself with the fact that I've only been knitting about a year and it's not something I do real often. Buy yarn often, yes. Actually knit -- not quite so much.

But my sister just had a birthday last month, so I wanted to knit her something. The very first knitting project I ever completed was done using Lion Brand's Landscapes yarn. It's got tons of great colors. I'm making a scarf for myself in Deep Sea. She choose Campfire -- which is the perfect autumn color. Let's just hope I actually complete the scarf while it's still autumn!

Since I was buying online and had a coupon, I also bought a few others. I've been wanting to try Mystery, which is a boucle. And Jo-Ann's has their own brand of yarn, called Sensations. This Licorice looks fun, though I'm not yet sure what I'll do with it.


Kirsty said...

Mmm--I do love yarn! I'm a big fan of the JoAnn's/Michaels too! (and, like you, I buy more than I knit.)

That Landscapes is gorgeous color--and I can't wait to see what you make with the Mystery.

Kirsten said...

I do some knitting also, although my skills are still pretty limited :) Scarves and basic baby blankets are the extent of what I can do. I'll have to check out Kirsty's site to see her yarn. I love Lion's Brand, but know that there is a whole world of yarn out there I have yet to discover! :)