Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Daily Dose

Daily Lit is bringing back a Victorian tradition: the serialized novel. In the late 1900s, novels were often published in a serialized form in popular magazines. Daily Lit is doing something similar -- delivering a portion of a novel or other work (all in the public domain) to your In Box on a schedule you choose.

Each segment can be read in about 5 minutes. And you can choose your schedule: every day, weekdays only, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

I signed up for The Communist Manifesto. I know, it sounds so geeky. It's one of those things you think you should read at some point in your life. Doing it in little pieces sounds much more palatable than actually sitting down to read the whole thing.

Via Tech_Space

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Kirsten said...

I was just about to post about Daily Lit on my blog when I saw that you had already beaten me to it :) I'm reading Turn of the Screw this way. The little tidbits provide a nice afternoon break from work.