Tuesday, November 07, 2006


So I thought I was being so clever a couple of weeks ago when I changed my blog template. Well, the joke was on me. I'd signed up for Google Analytics a couple of months ago to track visits to my blog. I really have no grand illusions about how many page hits I might get -- but Google Analytics is a neat little tool and it's free. It's great to look at a map of the world and see little dots indicating from where people have viewed your page. Once you see that first international hit, you're hooked.

So I couldn't figure out why there has been no data the last few weeks. Turns out I goofed big time. There's a little piece of code that Google provides to you that has to sit in your template. When I changed blog templates, I lost that piece of code. So no tracking for me!

I've fixed that little problem and should be getting data again in a few days. I may not be so quick to change my template again!


Kirsty said...

OK--now I'm in trouble. I signed up for The Moonstone (which will take most of the year to read this way), but I can already see tons of others I'd like to read too.

I Buy Books said...

Yeah, I think it could be pretty addictive. After I signed up and got the first segment, I found out that you can ask for the next segment immediately if you want.

This will work really well with The Moonstone since it was originally written for serialization. Have fun!