Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dickens World

I am not making this up.

Charles Dickens Theme Park Set to Open.


Katya said...

I found your blog through BlogHer, looking for blogs on books. We've read a lot of similar books and I like your writing.

I would so visit the Dickens theme park!

I notice you've got On Writing on your nightstand. It is one of the most practical books about writing that I've ever read. I sent it to my sister who is a writer.

AngryMan said...

I bet that the complaint office will be a total nightmare.

I Buy Books said...

Thanks, Katya, I'm going to check out your blog as well. And you might just make me move On Writing a little higher on the TBR pile.

AngryMan -- Yes, and with little resolution of the actual complaint.

Siew Cooper said...

I was so gobsmacked when I heard this, I had to blog about it. Dickens scares me, but Dickens World is ever scarier!

You have an interesting blog, I'll be adding you to my feeds :)

I Buy Books said...

Cool -- thanks!