Friday, April 13, 2007

Reading Update

Well, I didn't last too long with Isabel Allende. The House of the Spirits is back on the TBR pile. I've read her before and I like her; this one just wasn't working for me. In its place, I'm reading Colleen Gleason's The Rest Falls Away. Why did I wait so long to pick that up? It's a great romp and I'm speeding through it. That was purchased with a gift certificate for some freelance work I did -- along with a copy of the DVD of Persuasion.

I'm also reading The Introvert Advantage during my lunch hour at work. I wish someone would have told me to read this years ago. A lot of this stuff I've already figured out. But it sure is nice to see -- in writing, by a professional -- that it's okay for me to absolutely HATE parties. Now, a small group of people I know well? I'm fine. But get more than 10 or so people in a room and I start to look for the exit.

And despite my great haul from the secondhand bookstore about a month ago, I've got more on the way. The Monsters from the Quality Paperback Book Club. And for some insane reason, I decided to join The History Book Club. I could get four books for $1 apiece -- with no obligation to buy more! So four more books on topics ranging from Julius Ceaser to Mao Tse-tung are on their way. And (yes, I know, it's already too much), my interlibrary loan request for A. Scott Berg's Lindbergh has been filled and the book is waiting for me in our library. Plus they have a couple of other books on isolationist Americans during World War II that I'd like to check out (thanks a lot, Philip Roth).

Really, really need to buy some more bookshelves.


Ill-Suit said...

The whole introvert vs extrovert thing is such an excellent thing when one finally stumbles upon it.

I could never understand why every time I went to a mall or any other place with lots of people, I would come out feeling lobotomized. Now that I've read about that stuff, it's much easier to figure out what kind of situations are going to exhaust me and plan accordingly.

acquisitionist said...

I also struggled with Allende's House of the Spirits . I didn't really enjoy it, but unlike yourself, haven't read any of her others to compare it with.

AngryMan said...

I really want a home w/built-in bookshelves. They would be from ceiling to floor and I could a ladder that went all around the room to get the books that I needed. Ahhh, that would be heaven!

I Buy Books said...

Ill-Suit -- I totally agree. I'm much better now at planning when I need a break from all the extroverts.

Acquisitionist -- The other Allende I read was Portrait in Sepia. I recall it being a lot more accessible than this one.

AngryMan -- Word.

danielle said...

I went through a big Isabel Allende phase some years ago--I really like her work, but I haven't read anything in the last few years. I see I need to read the Colleen Gleason book--everyone says it is good!

Melanie said...

I understand the introvert feeling too.Happiest in quiet spaces. And happiest when reading books.

You might like this book site. Check it out.

booklogged said...

Wow, I'm really sorry to hear you couldn't get into The House of Spirits. I picked it up today.